2021 Thunder & Lightning Rules

1. Any type passenger car two or four door with a minimum of 101” wheelbase is permitted. No station wagons, no after market or home made bodies. All body parts must be stock. No plastic or fiberglass body cars. No independent rear suspension.

2. Wheelbase must b within 1” of factory listing for the year model.

3. All interiors must be removed. Doors must be welded or bolted shut. Hood and cowl must meet.

4. Stock bodies only, stock type bumpers. No bars above bumpers. You may weld flat bar from one end bumper to frame, may cut fenders for tire clearance. You may run bar in front of radiator and brace back to frame. This bar must be inside of grill area. No boxing interior in any configuration. Headlights must be covered with solid metal.
Floor pan and front/rear firewall must remain stock in there stock locations. (No excessive gutting)

5. There will be no screw jacks of any type allowed on front or year. Spring spacers are allowed. Lowering blocks will be allowed. Stock type springs in stock location on rear. Heavy coil springs will be allowed on front, stock suspension and steering is required. Minimum 5” ground clearance for frame and body. All suspension and steering mounting points front an rear must be in factory locations.

6. Shocks: No adjustable or coil over type shocks, stock only and must remain in factory position. Shocks can be claimed for$50 per shock.
Cars with strut suspension may run adjustable caster/camber plate. No adjustable spring spacers.

7. Stock spoilers: no homemade or wings.

8. Hood pins must be used to keep hood and trunk closed.

9. May use battery box and fabricated battery frame to secure battery. No battery in drivers compartment, unless completely boxed in.

10. Cars must have approved seat belt and double strap shoulder harness. Belts must be bolted to roll bar.

11. Full windshield is required. Lexan may be substituted and must fit as close as possible. Back glass is optional.

12. Roll bars are mandatory. No galvanized pipe. No exhaust tubing. No threaded joints. Bars must be fully welded. Gusses are required at all joints and welded on both sides. Pipe must be a minimum of 1 1/2 inches in diameter with a minimum of .095 thickness. May use racing type drivers seat. Seat must be securely fastened to roll cage. A full 6 point roll cage is highly recommended.

13. Weight: 3350 lbs maximum left side 54%. No more than 50% rear weight at any time. No fuel or fluids will be added after race.

14. Rear end for make an model only. must run a mini spool or open rear ends only. Stock disc brakes are legal. May weld axle gears. Seperate protest will be $100.

15. Fuel cell is mandatory, fuel cell must be a minimum of ten inches from the bottom of the fuel cell container to level ground. Must have a roll bar behind fuel cell. Must be securely strapped down with no less than four 1 1/2 inch x 1/8 inch steel straps. Steel firewall must be located between driver and trunk area. With no less than 20 gauge steel. No aluminum! Must have fire extinguisher with gauge.

16. Mechanical fuel pump only! No high performance. No electric fuel pump. No flex fan

17. Stock V8 engines only, no exceptions! No high performance. The only intake you can run is Chevrolet number 2101, Chrysler number 2176,Ford Cleveland number 2665 with 4 barrel heads number 2750 with two barrel heads, Windsor number 2181, these manifolds must remain as manufactured, no aluminum pulleys, stock type balancer. You can modify stock oil pan for capacity. Stock valves only. Chevrolet valve size 1.94 intake/1.50 exhaust. Ford valve size for Cleveland is 2.05 intake/ 1.65 exhaust for Windsor 1.883 intake/1.546 exhaust, may be bored .060 over and ,015 for wear. Flat top or dish pistons only. No pop-ups. Pistons cannot extend out of block,Single valve springs with damper only. Can pin rocker arm studs, can use poly locks, stock rocker arms only, stock hydraulic lifters only no rollers, no screw in studs or guide plates, maximum cam lift is .425 lift intake and .450 lift exhaust. stock valve jobs only. Minimum head volume in cc,s, all General Motors 72cc,s, Ford Cleveland 72cc,sFord Windsor 56cc,s, Dodge 360, 68cc,s. Engine must be in stock location. Must run stock motor mounts. You may weld a plate on the side of the motor mount to make it solid.

18. Stock factory non welded electronic ignition distributor only, no aftermarket ignition.

19. Carburetor: Holly 2300, two barrel carburetor, model #7448 (350) with a Venturi size of 13/16 inches and maintaining a throttle bore maximum size of 1 1/2 inches. Ford and Chrysler engines may compete with a Holley 2300 carburetor, model 4412 (500) main body mounted on a model 7448 throttle plate. An aluminum ring 3/8” in height may be installed to match Venturi diameter to throttle plate diameter. The rework guidelines for the Holley 2300 series carburetor are as follows: A. Body of carbs. No polishing, grinding, or drilling of holes permitted. B. The choke may be removed, but all screw holes must be permanently sealed. C. Choke Horn: choke horn may not be removed.D: Booster: Boosters may not be changed. Size and shape must not be altered.E: Venturi: Venturi area must not be altered in any manner. Casting ring must not be removed. F. Base plate: Base plate must not be altered in shape or size. G: Butterflies: Butterflies must not be thinned or tapered. Idle holes may be drilled in butterflies. Screw ends may be cut even with shafts, but screw heads must remain standard. H. Throttle Shafts: shafts must remain standard and must not be thinned or cut in any manner. I. Any attempt to pull outside air other than down through the Venturi is not permitted. J: Only paper air filter elements!

20. Carburetor spacers and gaskets: A. Carburetor spacer must be NASCAR approved. B. Only a one piece aluminum carburetor spacer 3/4 inches in thickness may be installed between intake manifold and carburetor. C: The spacer must have two holes with 1 1/2 inch openings located in the center that match the base of the carburetor Holes must be cut perpendicular with base of carburetor. No taper or bevels. D: A one piece gasket maximum .065 inch thickness may be installed between the carburetor and spacer. A one piece gasket maximum 1/4 thick may be installed between the spacer and intake manifold.

21. Exhaust Systems: Headers with 1 5/8 diameter with 3 inch collector will be legal, must exit to the side, minimum 3 foot exhaust, may run one exhaust out each side or both out one side. No H pipe or two in one allowed. Four Tubes must go into one collector only.

22. Drive train: 3 speed, 4 speed, or automatic with or without floor shift. All gears must work. Clutch pressure plate and flywheel must weigh 45 pounds minimum Chevy, 45 pounds minimum Ford must have steel bell housing or scatter shield. Separate Protest $100.

23. Drive Shaft: Stock steel- must have drive shaft loop 2 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick. Must be painted white. No aluminum driveshafts.

24. No aftermarket brake pedal or brake system. All brake parts must remain stock.

25. Tires: 15” Hoosier Comanche tires of 15” with 8” width rims, rims must be same offset. This is the only tires you can purchase and must purchase tires from Florence Motor Speedway.

26. No reading between the lines: If not in the rules, must remain stock!

27. Any driver that wins two consecutive races must start tenth in the next race.

28. Claiming Rule: The engine may be claimed by another competitor for $2,000.00 less carburetor, headers, and distributor and pulleys.

29. Must run fully charged fire extinguisher.

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Powell Wins One For Dad On Father’s Day At Florence  

TIMMONSVILLE, SC (June 19) – Former NASCAR National Champion Robert Powell made an emotional return to victory lane taking the Charger division win Saturday night at Florence Motor Speedway.  It was Powell’s first win since losing his father and longtime speedway owner, Charlie Powell, who passed away in 2020 due to complications from COVID-19. 

“I’ve won at Martinsville, Myrtle Beach, a lot of big races, but this might be the biggest of my career,” said Powell in victory lane.  “I could feel him riding with me tonight, that’s for sure.” 

After qualifying on the pole, Powell got the advantage over three-time race winner, Averitt Lucas.  The first caution of the night waved on lap five when contact from Joe Armakovitch sent Connor Lee spinning in turn one.  After the restart, the battle was on for third between Michael Grooms, Brian Owens, and Talon Gallimore.  Gallimore would make the move inside of Owens and Grooms on lap eight, but contact with Grooms on the frontstretch put Grooms on a wild ride into the wall and off the track. 

Over the remaining laps, Lucas would make several runs at Powell concentrating on attempting a move around the outside.  The effort proved futile as Powell led flag-to-flag for the win over Lucas, Cory Weatherford, Michael Strickland, and Davey Hatchell.  Rounding out the top 10 were Owens, Archie Adams, Jr., Chris Grainger, Gallimore, and Glenn Mappus. 

Zack Miracle battled through a couple of late-race restarts to take his third NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Model Stock win of the season.  The first caution of the race did not wave until lap 43 when Sam Scarpelli went for a spin in turn three.  On the restart, Ryan Glenski got the advantage over Miracle to take the lead.  But, just two laps later, Miracle would again go back to the top spot.  The final caution of the race waved on lap 47 when contact from Janson Marchbanks resulted in David Roberts’ car spinning into the inside wall.  At the finish, Miracle took the win over Matt Cox, Casey Kelley, Glenski, and RA Brown. 

Strom Altman made a quick move from his fourth starting position to pass Jody Measamer for the lead on lap five, leading the rest of the way for his second Supertruck win of the season.  The only caution of the race waved on the opening lap when Lucas Williams spun in turn four with a broken shock.  Following Altman at the finish were Measamer, Cody Kelley, Remington Prince, and Adam Fulford.    

Simultaneous engine problems for AJ Sanders and Mike Stafford cleared the way for Kevin Jackson to score his second Mini Stock win of the year.  Both Sanders and Stafford appeared to have engine problems on lap 14, allowing Jackson to take the win over Bobby Taylor, Jr., Matt Briggs, Truett Miranda, and Adam Fulford, Jr. 

Drake Williamson battled back after a stumble at the start to remain undefeated in the Allison Legacy Series winning over Jacob O’Neal, Shane Briggs, Parker Davis, and Andrew Davis.  

             The next race at Florence Motor Speedway will be Independence Day weekend on Saturday night, July 3rd, featuring the Firecracker 125 for the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Model Stocks, plus Chargers, SuperTrucks, Mini Stocks, Thunder & Lightning, and the Allison Legacy Series.  Also, July 24th has been added to the schedule as a replacement for the June 5th rainout.  Be sure to “Like” Florence Motor Speedway on Facebook, follow @FlorenceMSpdwy on Twitter to keep up on all that’s going on in 2021, visit fmspeedway.com. or watch all the action live each week on fmspeedway.tv. 

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